Our Team

We are proud to have a dynamic, diverse and dedicated team.

Our team

Early Education Teachers Australia

Shichida Australia is driven by a passionate team that fully embraces Shichida’s philosophy of engaging a child’s heart to engage their mind. Our team’s unwavering dedication is the key to our positive impact on children’s development.  We partner with parents and children to instil a lifelong love of learning from an early age.

Practical and theoretical training

Our curriculum team in Australia provides ongoing practical and theoretical training and reviews to support our instructors. In addition, our instructors participate in an advanced course led by our head office in Japan. This training covers advanced Shichida teaching methods and theory. This commitment to continuous training and improvement ensures that our team upholds the highest standards of quality in their teaching practices.

Dynamic, diverse, and dedicated team

We take great pride in our dynamic, diverse, and dedicated team. Each member brings their own unique background and expertise to the table. Our team encompasses a broad range of experiences. These include psychology, primary school teaching (both Australian and International), social work and more. These diverse skill sets equips our team to cater to every child’s emotional and developmental needs. We believe that our teachers, with their different backgrounds, provide the children with a spectrum of colours, enabling them to paint their own masterpieces as they grow and develop.

Collaboration, creativity, and professional growth

At Shichida Australia, we value the individuality and strengths of each team member. We foster an environment that encourages collaboration, creativity, and professional growth. This not only benefits us but also enriches the learning experience for every child under our care.

Our team’s dedication to continuous improvement and their passion for early childhood education drives us forward in our mission to unlock the full potential of every child. Together, we strive to create an inclusive, nurturing, and inspiring environment where children can flourish and reach new heights.