Up Close with Makoto Shichida



“Shichida Education is a soul education. The main aim of the Shichida method is not just to give children knowledge but to cultivate their heart and soul. Makoto-ShichidaWe don’t just give knowledge and skills, but we also teach how to live as a human.”  The main characteristic of the Shichida method for early childhood learning is the fact that we are taking up sensibility education besides logical education.

The sensibility is the power itself that a human being lives for. The sensibility grows soundly as children receive lots of love from their parents. When children receive much love from their parents, they grow with feelings of the importance of their existence. The essence of sensibility are the feelings of wanting to be loved, to be free, and to be happy. The basis of the sensibility are the feelings of seeking freedom and love.

Whole brain education focuses on the sensibility.  In the words of Makoto Shichida, he refers to the right hemisphere of our brain as “Love of Eva”, and it is where love is nurtured.

The value of a human is measured by what one has done for others and how well one has worked. What matters is how useful you are to others. Ask children what their dreams are. Every dream is precious. Every child must be encouraged to shine through their dream and help people in the field of their dream.

The Shichida method focuses on encouraging children to nurture their own dreams, to become useful to others, to have qualities befitting leaders and to be the leaders of each field of their dreams.

We do not just give children the education that provides knowledge and skills. We offer them an unprecedented education, which can polish their heart and soul.

The Shichida method focuses on early childhood education that treasures children’s hearts and helps them to have dreams and ambitions as their driving force.