The Shichida term dates follow the Victorian and NSW school term dates.

2020 Victorian term dates
Term   Duration of Term  Public Holidays  Number of weeks 
Term 1  Tuesday 28th January to
Monday 30th March 
Australia Day- Monday 27th January
Labour Day- Monday 9th March 
Mon- 8 Weeks
Tues/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat- 9 weeks 
Term 2  Tuesday 14th April to
Monday 29th June 
Easter Monday- Monday 13th April
ANZAC DAY- Saturday 25th April
Queen’s Birthday- Monday 8th June 
Mon & Sat- 10 weeks
Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri- 11 weeks 
Term 3  Monday 13th July to
Saturday 19
th September 
No Holidays  10 weeks 
Term 4  Monday 5th October to
Saturday 19
th December  
Melbourne Cup weekend
Monday 2
nd & Tuesday 3rd November 
Mon/Tues- 10 weeks
Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat- 11 weeks 
2020 New South Wales term dates
Term  Duration of Term  Public Holidays  Number of weeks 
Term 1  Tuesday 28th January to
Thursday 9th April 
Australia Day- Monday 27th January
Good Friday- 10th April
Easter Saturday- 11th April 
Mon/Fri/Sat– 10 weeks
Tues/Wed/Thu – 11 weeks 
Term 2  Monday 27th April to
4th July 
Queen’s Birthday- Monday 8th June  Mon- 9 weeks
Tues/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat- 10 weeks 
Term 3  Monday 20th July to
Saturday 2
6th September 
No Holidays  10 weeks 
Term 4  Monday 12th October to
19th December 
No Holidays  10 weeks 

Due to COVID-19 we have changed the way we run our classes