Shichida Pathway – Part 1: Image Training

Kids learn to calm their minds and use their imagination through visualisation of scenarios. As the kids get older they learn to manipulate the images in their minds, building confidence by being able to imagine themselves overcoming challenges!

Shichida Pathway – Part 2: Drawing song!

This is a great way to learn how to draw!

Shichida Pathway – Part 3: Flash Memory

Memory training that makes kids smile! This is a very popular activity.

Shichida Pathway – Part 4: Creative Writing

Being able to express oneself using descriptive words with confidence takes practice! Kids enjoy the creative writing activities in our learning program.

Shichida Pathway – Part 5: Digit Band

This is one of our memory training activities, and teaches a skill that can be applied throughout life.

Shichida Pathway – Part 6: 3D Blocks

Challenging and fun! Critical thinking and perseverance is practiced through this activity.

Shichida Pathway – Part 7: Maze Play

Problem solving and fine motor control are very important skills to learn. We start simple and gradually work up to very challenging mazes. Kids love our maze activities!

Shichida Pathway – Part 8: Story Problems

Kids learn problem solving techniques that are applied to story problems, including using money!

Shichida Pathway – Part 9: Humanics

Kids learn about famous people that contributed towards society and made the world a better place. This includes doing interesting research projects and learning about history.

Shichida Pathway – Part 10: Historical Mathematics

Kids learn about number patterns and the famous people that discovered them, in our engaging Primary Program.

Shichida Pathway – Part 11: Debates

Kids build confidence and reasoning skills while having debates in class!

Shichida Pathway – Part 12: Science Experiments

A love and appreciation for science is developed by observing exciting science experiments in our Primary classes!

Shichida Pathway – Part 13: Da Vinci Mindmap

Developing a positive attitude towards writing is easy with our fun Da Vinci Mindmap activities!

Shichida Pathway – Part 14: Sentence Building

Developing a positive attitude towards reading is easy with our fun sentence building activities!