Why Shichida?

‘Raising children with kind hearts, big dreams, and full of talents’

The Shichida method is a revolutionary program to facilitate early childhood learning. It cultivates children’s hearts and takes a balanced approach to nurturing the whole brain.

The Shichida method will:Animation of posibilities 2

  • Deepen your child’s love of learning
  • Equip your child with life skills to learn and process information
  • Stimulate your child’s creativity and imagination
  • Enhance your child’s photographic memory skills and critical thinking ability
  • Lay a strong foundation for numeracy and literacy skills
  • Increase learning absorption and boost your child’s concentration
  • Promote social interaction and personality development
  • Heighten the senses of your child: intuitive, observant and sensitive
  • Develop both EQ and IQ
  • Enhance the bond between you and your child


The Shichida method employs early learning programs which are age-specific whole brain training aimed to maximise every child’s individual potential (cognitively, physically and socially).  The whole brain training program helps bring out the best in children by letting them take part in early learning activities that are fun and enjoyable.  Our vision sums it up: “Raising children with kind hearts, big dreams and full of talents.” And it’s a vision that can only be achieved with the help of dedicated parents, whose bond with their children will be strengthened during our early learning program.


Shichida2015_62webWe encourage parental involvement in the cognitive development of their child, and provide invaluable parenting tips to fuel early learning activities at home.  As the Shichida philosophy says, ‘when you can engage the hearts of the children, you can engage their minds’.  Hence, the bond between parent and child is foundational and underpins the Shichida Method of Education.

Please Note: The Shichida Method of Education curriculum spans across 6 months to 9 years of age. However, the last entry point into the Shichida program is 4 and 1/2 years old. The reason for this is that the curriculum for 4 and ½ years old and beyond builds on the foundation that has been established from 6 months old to 4 years old. This is why it’s so important to start the program as early as possible.