Shichida Pathways Video Series

Welcome to the Shichida Pathways video series! This video series follows the journey of a 4-year-old seedling; informing parents what are the key nurturing ingredients to blossom your child’s potential in their primary years.

Shichida is a world-renowned teaching method backed by more than 60 years of evolving research into early childhood brain development. With all the research behind us, we invite parents into the classroom to learn how to become their child’s first and best teacher.

Shichida Australia’s early learning centre is home to one of the world’s most renowned early childhood education programs, known for bringing out the potential of children since 1958. At Shichida Australia Early Learning Centres, we provide intimate weekly classes for children aged 6 months to 9 years old (Please note that the last entry point into our program is 4½ years old).

Pathways Video Series

Shichida Pathway – Part 14: Sentence Building

Developing a positive attitude towards reading is easy with our fun sentence building activities!

Shichida Pathway – Part 13: Da Vinci Mindmap

Developing a positive attitude towards writing is easy with our fun Da Vinci Mindmap activities!

Shichida Pathway – Part 12: Science Experiments

A love and appreciation for science is developed by observing exciting science experiments in our Primary classes!

Shichida Pathway – Part 11: Debates

Kids build confidence and reasoning skills while having debates in class!

Shichida Pathway – Part 10: Historical Mathematics

Kids learn about number patterns and the famous people that discovered them, in our engaging Primary Program.

Shichida Pathway – Part 9: Humanics

Kids learn about famous people that contributed towards society and made the world a better place. This includes doing interesting research projects and learning about history.