No. At Shichida, we don’t teach or expect children to run before they can walk. The curriculum is designed to teach skills in age-appropriate increments and takes into consideration children’s attention spans and brain capabilities. While Shichida classes can look intense to adults with fast-paced activities and flashcards, it is important to remember that children have a different learning style to us and are not expected to know, remember or understand everything they see in Shichida classes. From 0-3 years old the program is all about input or exposure to lots of different topics and skills. From 4-9 years old, the program gradually encourages output from the children and works with the next phase of their brain development to consolidate and explore more deeply the skills they were exposed to earlier on.

One 50 minute class once a week will not put pressure on your child to learn. As our goal is to instil a love of learning in children, we know that in order to achieve this the children need to feel relaxed, accepted and confident in their learning environment as opposed to pressured, stressed and afraid. Furthermore, every Shichida class begins with mindfulness breathing and meditation and any homework that is handed out is optional.