The Shichida program begins at 6 months old. 0-3 years old is known as the Sensitive Period as during this time, 70% of the human brain is formed. It is the largest, most rapid and most significant brain growth period human beings experience and this is also the stage where worldviews and attitudes towards life are formed. The Shichida Method is designed to work in synchronicity with the Sensitive Period to not only engage and inspire the new neural networks that are forming, but to also instil important messages about life, resilience, love and learning in the children. Children’s brains are at their most absorbent at these ages, that’s why it is crucial to start as soon as possible.

If your child is under 6 months old, their eyes are not yet developed enough to be able to observe what we show them in class.

However, Makoto Shichida believed that no child is ever too young to learn as even in utero they are able to absorb information about their surroundings and hear noises from outside the uterus. For children under 6 months, including in utero, Makoto Shichida recommends developing and strengthening the bond you have with your child by talking to them lovingly, playing music and singing to them, relaxing together, as well as giving them loving touches like hugs, massages, tickles and kisses.