If you don’t live in Victoria or NSW, we have an online early learning program called Shichida at Home. While it is not the same as attending physical classes, we have condensed the wide variety of skills taught in Shichida early learning centres and have combined the most popular toys and activities into an age-specific monthly subscription service. Every month you receive four new 20 minute videos, an activity book and a parcel of age-specific toys and games that are delivered to your home. Unlike many other online early learning programs out there, Shichida at Home is not just another app or video you sit your child in front of and walk away from. Rather, it is an educational tool and coaching service for both parents and children that aims to encourage and nurture this intrinsic bond you share. The more fun you have using and talking about Shichida at Home together, the more you both stand to benefit from it. You can find out more here: Shichida At Home