Every child is different and learns at a different pace. Seeing the benefits of the program also depends on the age at which your child starts attending Shichida classes.

If your child starts the program at 6 months old for example, it will be difficult to see any huge benefits until the ages of 2, 3, and 4. By 5 years old there is a stark difference between a child that started at 6 months old and a child that started at 4 years old in terms of their level of concentration, attitude and love of learning.

Generally, most parents will notice a difference in their child’s ability to concentrate after attending Shichida for a term. You may also notice that your child’s memory improves within a month or two. Again, this varies depending on the child. Children that have a harder time focusing may take longer to learn to concentrate, sometimes upwards of a year. This is okay and perfectly normal too. In the meantime, have patience, focus on the things they are able to do and trust the process.

The benefits of having a Shichida education will have a rippling effect throughout your child’s life. As they get older and their brains mature, you will see more of the benefits such as kindness, passion for learning, self-motivated learning, resilience, picking up new skills rapidly and with ease, less stress at school, confidence, superior intuition, creativity, high intelligence and more.