“After succeeding to activate the right brain abilities, children can learn things quite easily at any school”

– Professor Makoto Shichida

Some parents worry that having a Shichida education will have a negative impact on their child once they reach school as they fear that their child won’t be challenged by the regular curriculum or they fear that they will have to send their child to a private school in order to keep them engaged in learning.

We have found that Shichida children do extremely well in any school whether it is public or private. They are also challenged, like every child, by the new learning environment of school with all of its rules and new social experiences.

We don’t teach children everything at Shichida, we teach them how to learn and give them the tools and skills to make learning and living life easier and less stressful. When they get to school they can dive deeper into what they have touched on at Shichida and they are often curious to know more about what they have seen before.

At school, Shichida children make lots of friends, are confident learners and they are self-motivated to learn. This means that they don’t have to rely on teachers to engage them in learning, they often find creative ways of thinking about and looking at the same problems. They finish their homework quickly with ease and without stress so that they can focus more on their extracurricular activities and hobbies.

For parents, it is a lot easier and cheaper in the long-run for their child to be ahead of the pack than behind it. Catching up is a difficult and delicate process, especially in a school environment when the resources are not necessarily there and the child’s self-esteem and relationship with learning is at stake.