Welcome to Canterbury Centre (VIC)!

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Shichida Canterbury is an early years learning centre which offers a unique program for whole brain training for kids aged 6 months to 9 years old. Established in October 2009, we are the first of four Shichida centres in Australia. Located at 91 Canterbury Road, Canterbury, you can find us amongst a largely school-populated community; near bustling cafés and shops on Bourke Road, and close to lovely parks.

This ‘whole brain training’ program itself consists of a very age-specific curriculum which stimulates right brain processing, and links it in with left brain activities. Our curriculum aims to nurture the growth and healthy development of both the EQ and IQ early on in life; to instil a love of learning in well rounded individuals.  Our curriculum is derived from years of research into early learning behaviour, development and accelerated learning.

Here at Shichida, it never too early to start learning, in fact it is the early experiences and interactions which a child encounters with their environment which are the most critical in their brain development.
We believe that your child’s first learning experiences in an educational setting to be a positive and fun one.

In saying this, our program aims to provide such early stimulation for the brain through fun and enjoyable activities; helping to develop life-long skills in children who are enthusiastic about learning.

Our friendly Shichida trained instructors provide a 50 minute class, once a week, which cover concepts such as imaging/visualisation, memory, flashcards for right brain stimulation, critical thinking, fine motor control development, music, language and number.Bella

A child who feels loved and encouraged, supported, and who enjoys their early learning/educational experiences will grow up to be happy, enthusiastic and confident learners; well prepared for the challenges that entering school may present them.

Our early learning centre has students from all over Melbourne including Surry Hills, Hawthorn, Camberwell and Burwood. We have had parents travel long distances because they can see the benefits the Shichida Method offers their children.

So whether you are in Ashburton, South Yarra, book a trial class today.



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